Software Engineer

What You Will Do
Design, develop, and operate various services of Class101.
Switching the existing service to Microservice
Basic Qualifications
3+ years of experience in software development or equivalent skills.
Able to quickly understand business requirements and design data models and APIs skillfully.
ability to communicate clearly with team members.
Able to choose the best technology for the business situation.
Enjoying discussing codes.
Able to work in Korean
7+ years of experience in software development or equivalent skills.
Experience in developing/operating a large-capacity web service.
Experience in developing/operating a microservice architecture.
Experience in building infrastructure through AWS/GCP
Experience in designing servers for large-capacity processing such as Redis
Experience in ffmpeg, video encoding, video/voice preprocessing.
Contribution to the open source
Development Culture
Reduce trial and error with code review.
We run Tech Talk and seminars where we gather regularly to share our skills and knowledge.
Respect the best development direction you think.
What the service needs can be directly proposed and introduced into the product.
There is no boundary between front-end developers and back-end developers. This is because we believe that efficient code and production come out when we can understand the entire code.
Development Environment
using Java and Kotlin to develop an application with Spring Boot.
By automatically creating static types of GraphQL Query/Mutation, errors caused by different interfaces between servers and clients can be checked at compilation time.
It has a CI/CD environment that is distributed to the staging environment as soon as the commitment is reflected.
The code is not reflected without a code review. We conduct meticulous code reviews for code quality and for each other's growth.
If there are new technologies and cultures that help the team, we tend to actively adopt them and provide an environment where we can take the lead.
The platform team that improves the developer's experience is working to improve the developer's productivity and development environment.
Tech Stacks
React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Apollo, Next.js, Lerna, styled-components, Storybook
Micro Frontend w/ Nx
Class101 design system
Babel, Webpack
Java Back-end
Java, Kotlin
Spring Boot, JPA, QueryDSL
Spock, JUnit, Mockito
Docker, K8s
Node.js Back-end
TypeScript, GraphQL, Apollo, TypeGraphQL, Typegoose
Docker, K8s

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